Meet Coach Molly

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Hi everyone, I’m molly, one of the passionate trainers here at PWR Fit studios.

I love to motivate, push and encourage my clients- not only in their workouts but in different aspects of their life, to try unlock and encourage them to reach their full potential.

As a student, I have truely found my passion in health and fitness. It has become a part of my daily routine where I feel energised, powerful and uplifted.

Along side training, I love to play a variety of sports, create paintings and spend time with my family. PWR has become a space where I can be my authentic self and focus on my goals and my clients. In particular, my current goals are to continue to build strength and lift heavy whilst fuelling my body with the key nutrients. To complete my schooling, set up an art website, integrate more training of clients, and move forward and complete a sport based degree at AUT, whilst continuing to train clients in the studio on Tuesday and Sunday morning’s,

I have also been working in the smoothie bar on Sunday’s!

The lovely faces that come into our space always continue to brighten my day, and I love providing people the goods- nutritious, satiating smoothies and nourishment. I have been able to not only build my self confidence and customer service skills, but create a place where my work is fun and always helping me grow as a person. The studio environment at PWR is like none other to me. After each and every class I am guaranteed an endorphin hit, and I leave feeling set up for the remainder of my day. I always push my ladies in class, whilst keeping their spirits and motivation high (I think they secretly love me for the pain). Two of my favourite motto’s that I regularly use and will finish on is “mind over matter” and “sore today, stronger tomorrow”. Whether we’re holding a plank or fitting those last reps of cardio sets in, these sayings keep us going until that 45 second timer is up. I hope to continue learning and growing in this amazing environment- a space where we can uplift, encourage and elevate all aspects of our life.

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