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If you are scared to start read this!

Starting a fitness routine can be super scary! WE HEAR YOU AND WE UNDERSTAND YOU. It might be because it's something new, something you've not done in a while or something you could have had a bad relationship with before in the past.

When you start a fitness routine, it starts the moment the idea pops into your brain, as soon as you pick up that phone and ring the gym or ring the trainer, or even message them on social media THATS A HUGE STEP!

Now the next thing is showing up, what you need to remember is this:

- Take your time, its your first session, don't stress about trying to keep up or watch what everyone else is doing, just focus on yourself most importantly.

- Remember no one is watching you or judging you, thats you who's doing that, so cut the madness and BE KIND TO YOURSELF! Your journey starts with your brain and what you tell it, if you tell yourself you can't do something or your body will never be able to do that , then guess what it won't. HOWEVER, if you tell yourself you can and that you are capable and give it ago, YOU WILL!

- You are supported, by your coaches, and by your community, never forget that. Always communicate how you feel and what you need so those needs are met and you're taken care of.

- Everyone in the room was once a beginner including the coach, you just need to make a start, even if that means doing a push up on the wall to start, or walking instead of jogging, whatever it takes to start, do that because the more you do the more YOU WILL PROGRESS! You just need to believe in yourself and back yourself more 100%.

- The more consistent you are , the more progress you make, the closer you are to achieving your goals, never give up on yourself , even if you're having a doubtful day, because you have got this and YOU CAN DO THIS! We support you and we have your back!


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