Meet Coach Erica

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Hey! I’m coach Erica.

I am a snowboarding addict, food lover and most importantly, Mama to my daughter Lillie Moon.

I am a strength training enthusiast and a passionate mental health advocate.

I have a long history in sports and exercise after spending 10+ years as a competitive swimmer. After my swimming career I became incredibly unhealthy and found myself in a really low mental headspace. When I fell pregnant with my daughter, I decided I really needed to focus on my health in order to be the best possible mother to the little person growing inside me. The love I have for my daughter helped me in my journey to loosing 25kgs, gaining back my love for exercise and putting myself back in a happy positive mindset.

I have been on both ends of the health & fitness spectrum and believe this experience has helped shape me into a person who can understand you and your fitness goals/journey on a deeper level.

As a PWR Fit coach I just love helping women find the joy and fun in exercise and helping women work at their own pace towards their aspirations to build healthy, beautiful, strong minds and bodies.

Here’s to Mana Wahine!

This year, Erica's partner and herself raised $1797 for Mental Health Awareness NZ. Erica's partner shaved his dreadlocks for the cause, something he had been growing for 10 years! Such an awesome cause, and so much passion behind the project!

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