Meet Karla, One Of Our Barre Instructors

I have danced from the age of 6, doing ballet, jazz, cheerleading, gymnastics, and hiphop, all for fun! I loved school sports, and getting involved in anything active, as I just love and enjoy being able to move my body! I used to teach hiphop over in the UK and made a return to ballet at the age of 30!

On arriving to New Zealand, I discovered barre classes, and after doing them for some time myself, I realised I love it and wanted to train as a Barre instructor so I could teach it myself. I undertook some training 5 years ago, but after going through the journey of miscarriages, I never got to complete it. Fast forward to now where I have 2 beautiful kids, (ages 2 & 4), and realising how much I missed exercise, I decided to complete my training, and became qualified last year! I trained with Method NZ, who are REPS registered, and in May 2021, I’ll be embarking on further training, to focus more on learning in-depth, delivering a safe barre workout for women during pregnancy and postpartum.

I’ve always had a passion for keeping healthy and fit, and now with my 2 young children, I want to be a good role model and teach them how important it is to look after yourself. Something, we sometimes forget, especially as parents! After having 2 C- Sections, realising how important, it is to look after our bodies and returning to exercise, without feeling the need to jump back into full-on exercise, and that we need to allow deep repair work to happen slowly.

Barre classes are for EVERYONE!! You do not have to have a dance background or even to be able to dance for that matter. Like any exercise class, repetition is key! At PWR Fit, as it is a small boutique studio I will be there to guide and support you through the movements and correcting you if needed to get the most out of exercise.

Barre is low impact, high-intensity workout that combines principles of pilates and ballet. It helps lengthen, strengthen and tone those small muscle groups whilst helping improve flexibility and posture.

Come meet me and enjoy a high-energy and motivating Barre Class Sundays at 9 am.

Karla living her best active life !

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