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Stress its not actually all that bad!

We freak out when we hear the word stress but there is actually some good things about stress we can really benefit from, here we are going to help you to learn what good stress vs bad stress is and how it can really benefit your overall health.

Stress is a normal part of life, in some way we all feel some strain of it from time to time, day to day, it's how we deal with these stressors that makes the difference. How you reframe your mindset around stress and making it a more positive experience will improve how your body performs under stress. If you believe stress to be helpful you actually release neurochemicals that not only help you to perform but also help dampen the negative thoughts.

You have two stress responses: Threat and Challenge.

Learning to reframe stress as often as we can from a threat to a challenge-response will increase our resilience and wellbeing, however stress as a threat will lead to chronic stress and that will make you unwell. Learning to manage your stress, and thinking more positive about situations will be better for your overall health, so that you don't spend too much time in your threat zone!

Strength Training and LIFTING HEAVY! This type of stress on your body (one your body and brain loves) your muscles, bones and joints, it encourages the body to come back stronger to cope with the next time your body under goes a session, therefore creating more muscle, stronger joints and bones and less body pain to undergo it all over again. Your body is incredible and your physiology will adjust to cope will all sorts , it's how you shift your mindset that makes the biggest overall difference.

How to turn stress positive:

- Exercise regular and get puffed

- Lift heavy weights

- Journal your feelings

- Write whats on your mind often

- Belly breathing

- Meditation

- Get enough sleep

Stress isn't all that bad, try your hardest to turn it into a more positive thing for your overall health and resilience so you stop the risk of running yourself into chronic stress mode causing and contributing to heart disease, obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue and digestion issues to name a few.

It all starts with movement , mindset and nutrition, these are the most important pillars of your health journey to focus on to help you build a better relationship with stress.


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