The importance of a healthy skin barrier - Introducing Vicki!

PWR FIT Studios is about to open another little studio, right next door to our main one now, this is going to be our coaching lounge. Inside you will find personal trainers working one-on-one with their clients, nutrition coaching, and Vicki, our amazing holistic health practitioner.

Vicki offers help with all things skin! Here is what Vicki has to say about the importance of a healthy skin barrier:

What is the skin barrier? There are a few words that you may recognise such as “acid mantle” “skin microbiome” and “lipid barrier” all of which mean the same thing. The skin’s barrier is a mix of oil secreted from the sebaceous glands and water. These two extremely important ingredients are paramount for the natural healthy functioning of the skin. The skin’s barrier provides natural protection from the environment. A slight, unbalance of either of the two will cause disharmony within the skin's barrier leading to many different skin conditions.

What are the signs of a compromised skin barrier?

  • Acne breakouts are one of the common ones

  • Fine bumpy congestion that appears just under the skin

  • The feeling that your skin is dry and dehydrated but still having breakouts is also quite common due to the unbalance of water in the skin

  • You may experience redness, rashes across the cheeks, flaky patches, dryness, and the appearance of fine lines - these can appear as wrinkles, however, it will be more dehydration lines rather than wrinkles that form only with expressions

  • Skin that is unable to retain hydration no matter how much moisturizer you apply

  • A burning or stinging sensation when applying any skincare products

What causes compromised skin? There are so many reasons why skin can become compromised.

Environmental factors such as heating and air-conditioning can dehydrate the skin and transepidermal water loss will occur. Equally, being out in the ‘elements’ will cause damage to the surface of the skin. Like extreme cold weather (in the snow) and going straight into a cosy warm house to sit by the fire - the sudden change of temperature will be stressful on delicate skin.

Harsh products and ingredients will strip the skin of its natural defence system, thus creating dysbiosis within the skin. Over-exfoliation or use of chemical peels is another massive factor that causes damage to the acid mantle and strips the skin of the protective layer of skin cells that are vital to helping fight free radical damage and external pathogens that can cause irritations in the skin.

Lifestyle factors such as eating foods full of saturated fats, sugars, too much dairy, and consuming alcohol will dehydrate the body, cause irritation within the gut, overload the liver, and cause the skin to suffer as a knock-on effect.

Stress is another huge factor. If we are stressed, our nervous system is frazzled and out of harmony. Our skins are directly linked to the nervous system. When we are first conceived, we are made from a single cell. That cell divides in two. One half creates our epidermis (skin) and the other half creates our nervous system, to which the whole body is formed - nerves, capillaries, blood vessels, our heart, and so on. If we are stressed - our skin is stressed!

How do you repair the skin barrier? There are two main factors that need to be considered when repairing the skin’s barrier: topical application and internal support.

  1. Topically, the most important advice I can give is to hydrate hydrate hydrate. Keeping the skin hydrated is going to help saturate the skin cells creating a juicy environment within that top layer of the skin. This important part of skincare will prevent the evaporation of water, stop the skin from becoming tight, prevent inflammation, bacterial build-up, and collagen breakdown. Using an oil on your skin that is full of essential fatty acids (EFA’s) is going to lock in that hydration and prevent the evaporation of water (transepidermal water loss) while simultaneously giving your skin that healthy oil top-up. (yes even congested skin will benefit from a topical application of oil…a homeopathic approach is a “like vs like” theory!!)

  2. Internally, we need to focus on getting EFA’s into the diet. EFAs play an important role in the function of healthy skin cells. If there is a deficiency in EFA’s then a new baby cell that is born won’t have the cell membrane strength, immune function or hydration levels it is needed to become a strong skin cell. Taking a B Complex supplement will also help replenish the body to encourage healthy skin formation. B’s work hand in hand together with and work synergistically with your EFA’s to aid absorption. Ideally following a healthy balanced diet and avoiding certain foods will be a great start on your skin health journey.

  3. One more thing that would be an ideal start, is to book yourself a Skin Barrier Assessment with me. I will help guide you to your skin health goals and provide the tools you need to get there.

With all of this information, I hope you are able to understand some of the reasons for why your skin may be out of balance or suddenly changing.

I hope I can help make a difference by educating you and providing support when needed.

Having regular facials and Reiki treatments will certainly make a difference to stress levels, your skin health and wellness journey.

Victoria x E - P - 021665535

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