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What can I do for recovery after and in-between exercise sessions

We love exercise, strength training, and moving our bodies! As much as we love all of this movement we need to ensure we have recovery in place too.

Recovery can look like this:

- Stretching: Stretching is the best form of recovery for your muscles, it will also help improve your recovery period. We recommend stretching after every session, and in between at home too, especially if you find yourself quite sedentary for work or you are finding that your body is always in uncomfortable positions for what you do on a day-to-day basis.

- A massage from time to time: Massage is another way of working your muscles, it can assist in better blood flow, enhanced recovery, and release tension in tight muscles. Booking yourself into a massage from time to time is a great benefit to your overall health.

- A yoga class: Yoga is not an easy class, but it is a mindful way of moving the body, helping you to stretch and condition your muscles, which is highly beneficial for your other training and strength goals.

- An early night's sleep: This we can all benefit from every single night of the week. Sleep is the best form of recovery, 7-8 hours every night is the recommended amount needed for optimum recovery and a good night's sleep for better energy the next day. Better and longer sleep can enhance your mood and improve mental health too.

- Lite walks instead of a session: If your muscles are sore, and you feel like you've been going hard in the gym, then go for a walk instead, take the day off from your session and take a nice long walk outdoors instead.

- Ice bath: If you are feeling brave and you want to be that extra person, try an ice bath, research suggests ice baths are great for inflammation, and sore muscles, and can even support immunity and mental health!

- Meditation: Give your mind body and soul the gift of some meditation, whether it's before bed, or when you wake up, give yourself at least 2-5 minutes of meditation to relax and relieve yourself as a whole!

What can PWR FIT offer you for recovery:

We have a stretch and flow class every Wednesday night, this class is incredible for your body to stretch, condition, and restore the muscles! With more yoga classes to come, we hope to be able to offer our clients even more fabulous opportunities to recover in between sessions! It's a very important part of your fitness and overall health journey.


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