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What is progressive overload & why should you care?

Fundamentally, progressive overload is one of the most important pillars and types of strength training. To improve strength, gain muscle mass, and ultimately- experience faster gains. Progressive overload is achieved through gradually increasing the weight, frequency, or number of repetitions in your strength training routine. So yes, progressive overload is all well and good- but why should we care? And why is this the most optimal way of strength training?

Progressive overload challenges your body and allows your musculoskeletal system to get stronger. By continually increasing the demands on your muscles in order to make gains in their strength, size, and endurance. However, this style of training does not just apply to muscle growth- it helps bone and connective tissue strength as well as cardiovascular fitness (we have a blog post on this also!). As we know, longevity and gaining strength are at our utmost focus at PWR FIT Studios. With the implementation of progressive overload to our functional exercises- everyday living, movements, and tasks become that much easier. Ultimately, progressive overload is a significant principle in strength training and without implementing this style- we're sorry to say, not as much strength will be gained or muscle will be built. We can acknowledge that ‘progress’ is our main goal, and that doesn’t have to be achieved through strenuous, hard training. As long as we are progressing, which is where progressive overload comes into play- you will be following a path that aligns with your ambitions & goals.

Being the base of almost every training method available, progressive overload training stands above the rest. By consistently increasing workload, whether that be taking your weight up by 1kg in your next group fitness class, or trying to fit in a few more reps! This stimulates growth in strength and muscle, without overworking the body. With this being a gradual increase, your body has time to adapt and therefore get stronger! So although we work out to feel good- knowing you are improving your strength at the same time by focusing on progressive overload is key. I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty good to me!



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