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Why Recovery Is Important on Your Fitness Journey.

Starting a new exercise routine is exciting and we love that you are so keen to get into regular movement.

When it comes to regular movement, the advice for better health physical and mental is to move daily and over all live a more active life style. This daily movement does not always need to be formal exercise, it can be walking, biking, swimming, mowing the lawns, running around after kids, and even doing the house work.

With your formal exercise routine, this is where you need to be careful you don't over train and do 7 strength or HIIT sessions per week. The reasons why is because you actually see the results from your exercise routine when you are resting. When you rest your muscles recover, repair and come back stronger ready for the next session.

See below a photo of what muscle fibres look like immediately after lifting weights, and then after rest:

They need that time to rest and repair so they come stronger for your next strength session! Our recommendation is that you do 3-4 strength sessions per week and whatever else you love in between. Strength training is the most beneficial form of exercise for your muscles and bones and overall health, so we encourage this as a non negotiable , whatever else in between can be yoga, pilates, boxing, running, hiking, cycling whatever you enjoy most!


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