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How do I Tone Up ??

Building muscle! A common goal between a lot of our clients this year so heres some tips on building muscle:

**ladies please note building muscle does not mean bulky okay, it means leaner and is a sexy description for toned!**

  1. EAT YOUR PROTEIN: Keeping your protein high and ensuring you are eating enough is key to muscle growth and recovery. Everyone's requirements are different and this is dependant on your lean body mass. When I work it out for you I will multiply your lean mass by 2.4 to ensure you are getting what you need and some.

  2. CONSISTENCY: You need to be consistent with your strength training and your nutrition habits too. Consistency is what ultimately builds muscle.

  3. LIFT HEAVY: To see the best results with your "toning up" or building muscle as you need to be lifting heavy weights, ensuring you are aiming for an 8/10-9/10 for each set with great technique to ensure you are executing the movement well so you receive the full benefits of the movement too! Progressive overload baby!!

  4. DONT CUT CARBS: Dont go low carb, your muscles love carbs so make sure your diet is a balance of carbs, protein and a little bit of fat. Carbs: 60% , Protein 30%, Fats 10% or Carbs: 60% , Protein 20%, Fats 20%.

  5. DISTRIBUTE YOUR PROTEIN: Have a source of protein with each meal, and ensure you have protein after a workout too, it can be in smoothie form or food form too.

  6. STRENGTH TRAIN 3-4 TIMES: Per week, ensuring you are doing compound movements that will generate you the best results!

If you can implement the above with consistency you most definitely will see results with more lean muscle mass which in the end can result in fat loss too!

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