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Kids need to be strong too

Kids classes are starting in term four, Wednesday 11th October
register your interest below 

At PWR FIT, we believe that staying active should be as fun as it is beneficial. Our Kids Fitness Classes are designed to inspire a lifelong love for fitness in your little ones while fostering healthy habits that last a lifetime.

Join us for an exciting journey filled with laughter, movement, and adventure! Our certified instructors create an engaging and safe environment where children ages 5-12 can explore the joy of physical activity. From energising games to creative workouts, we offer a wide variety of activities that keep kids motivated and excited about staying active.

Why Choose Our Kids Fitness Classes?

  • Expert Guidance: Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping kids develop strength, coordination, and confidence through exercise.

  • Age-Appropriate Activities: We tailor our classes to suit different age groups, ensuring that every child can participate and thrive.

  • Social Interaction: Kids make friends, build teamwork skills, and have a blast while working out together.

  • Healthy Habits: We instill the importance of a balanced lifestyle, teaching kids about nutrition and the benefits of staying active.

  • Safe Environment: Your child's safety is our top priority. We maintain clean and secure facilities with all necessary precautions.

Give your child the opportunity of a healthier, happier future! Enroll them in our Kids Fitness Classes today and watch them grow into active, confident, and resilient individuals.

Ready to join the fun? Register your child or children by filling out the form below, we have very limited spots! 


Wednesday with coach Renee

5-12 year olds 3:30pm

8-12 year olds 4:15pm (if our first class fulls up we will add another class) 

$120 for the term (October 18th-December 13th) 

Siblings can be paired together if they prefer to work with each other 

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