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Top Fitness Tips for Beginners!

Welcome, and if you are a beginner don't worry because everyone who has ever started, has been in your shoes too.

Starting a fitness journey can be a scary thought, but the fact that you are here to start with is an incredible milestone in itself.

Our top tips for beginners are:

1. Always modify the exercise in the workout to suit you and your ability. If you can't do a push-up on your toes, to begin with, then don't feel disheartened, because you can just as effectively do the exercise on your knees or on the wall even. Don't give up because you think you can't do it, just give it a go and try doing it in a way that feels right for you.

2. Learn to rest not quit. Quitting because you have had a "bad day" with food, or a bad day in general does not mean you need to give up, it simply means you just need to take a step back and rest, you can come back to it in an hour, or even a day or so. Having a day of rest may be just what you need to recharge your batteries to get going again.

3. Eat a small snack before you train. Sometimes beginners can feel sick during and after a workout because they think they can not eat before exercise. Our advice to you would be to just have something even if it is half a banana or a couple of almonds to help you get through the workout as best as you can. Eat 30 minutes beforehand to avoid getting the stitch, if this is something that could happen to you.

4.Plan your workouts. Organise your week around your exercise sessions, by doing this you are making it a priority, it will soon then become a habit, something that you continue to do for life! If you plan out your sessions you are more likely to do it because you are holding yourself accountable.

5. Don't be afraid to ask for help. EVER. Please always reach out if you are unsure of anything, whether it be something to do with your nutrition or an exercise in one of the workouts you don't quite know how to do, always get in touch to seek further assistance so you don't feel like giving up, increase the risk of injury or even just get put off altogether.

6. Be kind to yourself. Trust yourself, believe in yourself, and always give something a go, especially if it's something you really want to do. If you constantly put yourself down and tell yourself that you can't do something, then chances are you won't. You need to treat yourself with respect, compliment yourself and be proud of yourself for the effort that you put in. Every day you make a little change and do something to take action in achieving your goals is one step closer to that finish line!

You are capable of so much, so give yourself the chance and keep showing up for yourself every day in some form!

We are here to support you always.

PWR FIT Studios Team

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