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How to achieve your goals for the long term and not just for a summer bod.

We are approaching summer and naturally with this more of you want to start a fitness routine, or achieve a summer bod like last year before Christmas.

This is great and all but let's change the perspective to achieving our goals for the long term rather than just a short summer quick fix.

If you want to achieve a fit, strong, mobile body then you need to stop focusing on a swimsuit body for summer and start focusing on movement and strength training for your overall health and for life not for a short period of time.

We love how a 6-week kick start can help get you in the zone or find a passion for exercise again, but if you change your WHY to something more powerful such as "I want to exercise for my mental health, for better strength, and my bone health" then you are more likely to show up regularly and be consistent after committing to 6 weeks. If you start a journey purely only to see weight loss results and "go all in or nothing" then you start to create a really unhealthy relationship with exercise because it becomes something you do just to lose weight.

Shift your focus to something that is going to serve you in the long term vs the short term so you stick to it and give yourself a stronger reason to show up for yourself. For too long now gyms, magazines, and online media shove exercise down your throats as a way to lose weight when it's typically not the case.

Yes, overtime exercise (heavy strength training) turns your body into a fat-burning machine, but there is so much more to it than that.

Regular exercise and strength training:

- improves bone health

- improves strength

- reduces risk of injury

- reduces risk of heart disease

- can assist in reversing type 2 diabetes

- can assist in reversing obesity

- can help you to build muscle giving you that "tone" everyone is always chasing.

The list goes on but you get our point as to why we know regular exercise all year round for the rest of your life is so important.

We know you'll feel so much more energized, excited, and passionate after each session too, even on the days you don't feel like it, you always feel 1000 xs better after each session you complete, especially when the WHY is attached to your alarm going off extra early in the morning to get up and get moving is so much stronger than just "weight loss for summer".

After reading this short blog, what do you think you can shift your focus onto more, what can you do to improve your WHY behind getting out or getting up and moving your body ??

My WHY is to strength train every week, so I remain fit, healthy, young and strong to get through life at any age with out any issues with my overall health and general movement. -Coach Renee

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